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Time to Pray and Fast
January 26, 2018
January 26, 2018

Happy Friday, friends! Today I wanted to more have a conversation and share a bit of my testimony with you, rather then teach a specific message. (Complete with cruddy snap shots from my phone!) There is some bible journaling in here, so I hope you come along for the ride! I am on day 5 of my 21 day fast (see this post for more info). It is pretty amazing the breakthroughs I am seeing already. Things are moving, literally as we experienced a pretty significant earthquake this week! As a 30 year California resident I can generally guesstimate the magnitude of the quake and since this one woke me up out of a dead sleep so I knew it was at least a 4.0. It was a 4.4 located about 90 minutes north of me.

The fasting social media and TV thing has apparently left me lots of time to knock out the stuffs. I have made dinner every night this week, I have a consistently clean kitchen, I have done bible journaling every day and spent lots of time reading, praying, working and marking off those pesky things on my to do list. My inbox is clean for the first time in a long time and I have been able to easily accommodate some changes to my day to help others. There is really something to be said about taking care of the hard things first and not getting sucked into time wasters!

I shared today on my personal pages that I have a pretty awesome story to share, so I wanted to share with my readers here as well. 10 years ago, I started a little custom knitting business. I would knit items for other people and they would pay a small fee for my services. This helped me supply some income for our growing family for some of those extra’s like cute new shoes (for me), pretty cloth diapers, gorgeous fancy yarn and beautiful baby wearing wraps for the kids. Of course, this business grew bigger and faster then I could keep up with and I needed help, so I had my best friend join in the fun and we spent many years knitting and co-parenting our growing group of children. The years moved on and our lives became even more full and we didn’t have the time to knit for others anymore so we directed our efforts to writing pattern that were fully customizable since we knew kids came in all shapes and sizes! The DaKine Knits pattern shop opened up in 2008 and has been running ever since. Together we have 31 patterns for sale and have been so shocked by the happy responses we have received over the years. These days, my friend no longer lives down the street and our knitting needles are very neglected as we both run ministries and are pursing our many big dreams.

After praying for several weeks about new streams of provision for my family, I was given a gift card, and I used it to purchase a new backpack, since I am heading back to college and so I decided on a DaKine bag, obviously a shout out to my Maui days and my little biz.  A few hours later, I received a random email asking if I would consider being the featured designer of the month on another fiber artists blog! I responded saying that I haven’t written anything in 3 years and would be honored to participate but not sure I was still relevant. Apparently, I still am! God has this amazing way of awakening things in you that you forgot were there. I shared the other day about this prophesy over my life that I have this inner risk taker. (I like to think of it in Star Wars terms of being a rebel- and I have the bumper sticker that says so!) For too many years, I haven’t taken the risks! It is risky, putting yourself out there after you have not felt that you have done anything new and notable. But what I do have going for me is consistently putting forth my best effort and leaving the rest up to God. I remember being recommended by some very successful business people to leave God out of your business. I was told it narrows the field too small to really be successful. That is the same year I decided to write a whole hat series based on the Fruits of the Spirit, in fact, my “Be Loving” hat from that series is my number one pattern across all platforms. With over 31,500 individual unique downloads, it tops whatever influence I could have ever imagined it would.

It was such a beautiful reminder from a loving Father that He still is working good. These seeds I planted a decade ago are still producing much fruit! What I have surrendered to God, He is still blessing. My life is far from perfect and my struggles are big and overwhelming at times, but it’s in these little reminders of God’s faithfulness that my strength is renewed. God is still working miracles, seeds long ago forgotten are producing a new crop of fruit.

As I started over this week/year reading my bible cover to cover, I started in Psalms, since I chose the Passion Translation for my personal reading this  year, and they haven’t completed the entire Old Testament yet. Yesterday I was reading in Chapter 20, verses 7-8 “Some find their strength in their weapons and wisdom, but my miracle deliverance can never be won by men. Our boast is in the Lord our God who will make us strong and gives us the victory! Our enemies will not prevail, they will only collapse and perish in defeat while we will rise up full of courage.” If you have been following along, this is my hearts cry this year. I need more courage to do the hard things in front of me. I have to face down evil, from the front lines. So I will continue to fast and pray because slowly but surely the tide is shifting.

For this entry I added some acrylic paint to my page after circling my verse with a black felt tipped pen. I added white acrylic over the top of the margin section, just to prevent any bleed through. I then hand wrote the verse from the Passion Translation, using a stencil for the words I wanted to highlight. I added a couple pieces of washi tape to the top of the page to help support the paper clip (and mimicked the effect on the bottom of the page). Lastly, I added a few dimensional flowers. This is actually the first page in this particular bible that has any dimensional elements and my first paper clipped tab! Normally, I love this more mixed media style, but I have done almost 100 entries in this bible since I started at the end of October and I have wanted it to last a while so I have been careful to stick to very flat, mostly handwritten entries to allow more entries before getting “too fat” to work in. 

Lastly, to wrap up the week, I wanted to share some more non-bible journaling art! I have refused to call myself an artist for a long time apparently, since I am celebrating the 10th year of my knitting business. <3 We have a beautiful young mom in our lives that is fighting cancer, again. She is a friend of the family and her family asked that we design a Tibetan Prayer Flag for her to remind her that she has so many people praying for her. They are going to place these all over her home, as she recovers from intense treatments. My mother-in-law and I worked for hours yesterday on creating and praying. We had some leftover pieces (because why buy something when you can spend $90 in art supplies??? lol) and made a made one for myself to remind me of my verse and word for this year. I included Psalms 30:2 on my friends flag, and the sentiment: “Trust God for your miracle”. And on mine I used the quote “Courage, dear heart” from C.S. Lewis and the words Hope, Love and Stand from the passage in 1 Corinthians 16. We simply added fun embellishments to a piece of burlap to create these flags, not even sure if we did it right since I had never heard of them before this week. 🙂

Prayers of blessing to all of you


P.S. If you would like to see more of these types of posts, make sure to let me know by leaving a comment. 😀

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