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December 27, 2017
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January 26, 2018

Well another year has come and gone and I am so excited what 2018 has in store for us! Our pastor shared this morning that it is a year of expecting great thing, and one of my best friends preached that we should take Micah 6:8 as our theme and how we should follow what is good! To do justly, love mercy and walk with God. I am looking forward to doing all those things and more in this new season of life!

I shared today on Instagram that many years ago a speaker prophesied over me that I had the same spirit of Robbie Knievel. The worship pastor of that church, was a good friend of ours and since I was part of the worship team he commented that it was the best prophecy he had heard in a long time. That cemented this in my mind but for the last 18 or so years, I didn’t know how that would look. As a youth, I was fearless, I was the girl that did it all and didn’t look back. I had found such freedom in who I was and what I stood for and I didn’t care what others thought. I was the girl engaged in high school, that knew from the beginning that this is the man I would marry and love till my dying breath. I was the one who played the martyr when we did an Easter theater production, the one that said yes to God even when a gun was put to my head. I was the one at age 19 that climbed on an airplane after 2 years of ministry training to go start a church on a little island in the pacific with my husband and mentors.

Where is that girl now?

This is my year to come back to life. To fight the good fight. To speak the truth and let my story be heard. I will not remain silent for a day longer. Grace has been so pivotal in my walk through 2017, and unfortunately the lost didn’t see the light, they chose a lie over the truth. They still choose to be deceived and now it is time to shake the dust from my boots and move on. Courage, valiant courage is what is called for now. I will do the hard things, I will learn new things and I will not be silent in the face of my accusers any longer. I will walk through my life victoriously, I will harness my inner dare devil and boy, you better watch out. Things are going to happen. The Kingdom is coming and now is not the time to stand on the side lines. The line is drawn, I have my sword ready. It is time to fight boldly, to let go of fear and grow strong in the Lord. I will cut down all agreements that I made with the wrong people, the lies that I believed for so long, and I will surrender daily to God, who will renew my strength. It is time to be the light in the darkness, to stand when others crumble and to bring joy to the captives. I believe in good, that I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living so that many will come to Christ. The harvest has already begun. What are you declaring over your life today? Are you still remaining in the same old rut? Are you content to just exist? I am not. I want to live fully alive, fully loved, and fully led by the Holy Spirit. I think so often we forget that God is a warrior, He is victorious over sin, death, the grave. What is holding you back from living victoriously? For me it was the false sense of safety. I felt that as a mother, I couldn’t risk laying everything out there because it left my kids vulnerable. You know what? They are vulnerable anyways. The only way to protect them, is to teach them how to fight. The best teacher? My husband and I leading as an example of Christ before them, in good times and in bad. By putting on the full armor of God every single day and fighting the good fight.

You will see that I have this glorious stack of Bibles. The bible tells us that this is the Word of God. This is our sword in the battles we face, not against man, but against the evil of this world. (Galatians 6) I am so happy to see such a well loved stack of swords in our home. (These are just the ones we use for Bible Journaling, the study bibles are another stack!) My husband and I will continue to fill up and use these swords daily. We will encourage our children to do the same. We live, we breathe and we exist only by the Word of the Lord. These 19 bibles represent so much time spent in the word collectively. Individually we seek God, as a family we seek God and as part of the larger body of Christ we seek God. This is our only hope.

Happy New Year, and may you pick up your Sword and join me on the battle line. It is time to be courageous and fight the good fight.

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