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January 26, 2018
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January 26, 2018

Today I am starting a 21 day fast. I am generally not the fasting type and I frankly don’t do well when I am hungry. I did a Daniel fast last year for the same duration of time and felt that I was able and capable of a fast and was extremely excited about the deeper levels of intimacy I had in my prayer life when I abstained from certain food groups. To keep myself accountable, I thought I would share with my readers the things I am abstaining from and limiting for the next 3 weeks.

(Please note: This is something I personally feel called to do at this time, I am not sharing to pressure or force my thoughts on anyone else! There are numerous passages in the scripture that call for times of fasting and prayer and if you feel called to join me, I welcome you.) 

Social Media: Huge reduction here but not a complete abstinence. I have removed all apps (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter) from my phone except for Instagram. I am still running a ministry page and intend to work on more focused content in the coming months. I also selfishly like to look at my “on this day”, since it is basically the only baby book I have for my kiddos. 😉 This means I will have a timer set for a few short minutes from my desktop to work on tasks, not to hang out and scroll for hours.

TV: This is barely a “fast”, since I don’t actually have TV, but I am going to fast from Netflix and Amazon Prime binge watching for the next couple weeks.

Sugar: None. Time to say goodbye, my sweet friend.

Caffeine: No coffee! Eek! I will still have tea, some of which has caffeine but other then that, this is off limits.

Alcohol: Again, none. Not that I am a huge drinker, but for the time being this will be out.

Processed foods: Only real whole foods for the next 3 weeks. If it doesn’t grow, its a no go. The only exception to this is Trim Healthy Mama approved protein powder for my smoothies.

Dairy: This is just going to be limiting. I can easily tend to over indulge in cheesy goodness and good ole heavy cream, so I am going to reduce this food group considerably.

Portions: Again, reducing here. Eating to sustain, not to indulge.

I am praying this will bring a greater focus to my life in general. I know that part of my word for this year (“Courage”) means that I have to have more discipline, like a soldier. I have so many words, idea’s and messages on my heart to share, but get too easily distracted by the endless scrolling on my phone and the sweets in my kitchen. I want to bring more blog posts with more tutorials and videos. I am currently writing some devotional content for a ministry I am partnering with that will also require tutorials and video’s. Between my new education adventure, teaching my children and managing our household, I think my plate is very full! I feel called and equipped for these tasks but it does mean that other things need to leave my plate. So I am starting with the time wasters and working on renewing my health to have the energy to keep up with this new season of life.

This is not a “New Year’s Resolution” but a time to stop and reflect on where I am and where I am going on a more spiritual level. Too often I allow distractions to cloud my calling and purpose and I don’t want to do that anymore. I listened to the Ransomed Heart podcast for today January 1st, 2018, and was so inspired to consecrate my year to God. Consecrate means to simply hand things over to His authority, from my calendar to my hopes and fears all dedicated and surrendered to Him. I highly recommend taking the 30 minutes to listen to this message and I agree that this year, 2018 we will see a greater portion. As my pastor said yesterday, Great Expectations for 2018. <3

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