February PDE Family Lesson 1

February PDE Mini-Lesson 4
February 21, 2018
February PDE Mini- Lesson 5
February 23, 2018

This lesson has a fun sense of recklessness about it. It won’t be perfect, its kinda messy but it is really fun. Using the watercolors from the kit, add a drop of paint to a tray and then dilute with water. The tubes are highly concentrated color and need to be mixed with water to make the water colors for todays tutorial. Mix well!

Next you will add some big drops of color to your page and spread it around with straws! Wherever the air moves the paint is what direction it will go. You can make shapes, or just use this fun effect to create a big colorful background. Remember your coloring mixing lesson:

blue + red= purple

red + yellow= orange

yellow + blue= green

purple + orange/green= mud

Have fun and make sure to play around with some color!

My daughter finished off her page with a couple alpha stickers and elements she cut out of scrapbook paper.

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