February PDE Mini- Lesson 5

February PDE Family Lesson 1
February 22, 2018
February PDE Family- Lesson 2
February 24, 2018

Hello, my name is free. I am free to dance in the rain of God’s glorious favor, and so are you. Jesus says in John 7 that the truth will set you free. Have you found the truth yet? Do you truly know, and understand that you are free from sin, once and for all. Nothing can hold you back, not shame, not regret, not defeat, not even your past and the people in it. Once and for all, no matter what, you are free because of the TRUTH! It doesn’t matter if no one else believes it, it doesn’t matter what your physical circumstances are, if the Son of God has set you free, you are free indeed.

Splatter Time Lapse Video¬†¬†For today’s entry I used one of my favorite water color techniques, it is messy, but so is life! Pick some colors, get your brush super wet and splash away. I try to stay in the same color family (like today I used blue for rain) or in cool or warm tones. If you are not careful you can end up with mud if you use colors on the opposite ends of the color-wheel, like green and red, or yellow with purple.

While that was drying I took a piece of black cardstock (you could also use scrapbook paper or even construction paper) and I used the white pigment ink from the kit to stamp out the “Hello My Name Is” frame and then centered in the word free inside thethe opening. I cut this out and attached it to my page with roller adhesive.

Lastly I took the word free and all the sentiments from the stamp set and I reminded myself exactly what the truth is, I am free. Jesus said so.

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