Patience- PDE March Mini

No Excuses
March 16, 2018
Pray for your Kids
March 20, 2018


As I shared the devotional I wrote for Purpose Driven Essentials, I really don’t love this fruit. It is difficult, requires effort and in the world of me first… It is just not all that practical to be patient. But God calls us to be patient, to endure, to stay the course. Like with many things, His calling on our life is to be counter-culture. It is through weakness we are made strong? It is a blessing when we are persecuted? When we face trials of every kind? And yet, those are the very things James says to count all joy. (James 1:2-8)

So I will pray and ask for help. This one, I can’t fake. I have to endure the testing of my patience, bringing me to the end of myself, so that God can grow this fruit and produce a great harvest of patience in me. Not my will, but yours be done, Lord!


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