Gentleness- PDE March Mini

Faithfulness- PDE March Mini
March 26, 2018
Self-Control -PDE March Mini
March 30, 2018

Can you imagine with me just for a moment, a newborn baby, asleep and peaceful. Would you run up and scream and yell and try to give her a high five? No, you would approach slowly, gently, and maybe just rest a finger on his hand or stroke the sweet plump cheek. You would take care not to scare or startle the baby and allow them to sleep, to rest, to be at peace.

I think there are people in my life that need to be treated like a newborn baby. Just be gentle with people, I know they need it because sometimes, as much as I am a bold and courageous warrior, I need someone to be gentle with me. Those kind words, the holding of my hand, and the engulfing hug when my world falls apart… That’s what the world needs now.


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