Self-Control -PDE March Mini

Gentleness- PDE March Mini
March 28, 2018
On the Side of Truth
May 2, 2018

There are more days then not when I want to shout, scream and stomp my feet because some people just act like idiots! They drive me crazy. Beyond that, there are some huge and horrific injustices in my life. People have wronged me and my people in ways that can never be justified. The have chosen lies over the truth and as much as I pray that they will see the light and that the truth will set them free, I also wish them as far away from my life as possible and worry that I won’t be able to maintain my self-control if I see them face to face.

As I even write here on my blog, I know they lurk in the shadows and so I have to guard my words, guard my thoughts and let only the blood of Christ come between us. I know there is still so much of “me-ness” in my heart, so I fill up daily with the Word of God and I hope and pray that this daily emersion in the Word, will eventually be the wellspring of life that will allow me to be poised, composed and full of grace in all situations and all circumstances. I do know that I am much better then I once was, but am still very much, a work in progress.

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