Colored Pencils

This is a very popular medium for bible journalers. I personally don’t find myself grabbing them very often but my kids (who also journal with me and take fine art classes) love them. My husband is also a big fan of more fine art techniques that just use either charcoal pencils or colored pencils.

This medium does not bleed through your bible pages so there is no need to prep your pages. However, if you do prep your page, you can layer in even more layers of colors to get more vibrant colors. In our house, we use the Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils and the Verithin’s. I have also seen people in the Bible Journaling create beautiful pages with student grade pencils like Crayola. Whatever your price range, these are a great starting point and you might find you are content to stay here in your artistic expression.

One of the best things to do with colored pencils is to trace in designs. You can find an image online and just print it and place the image underneath your bible page and trace it out and color it in with colored pencils. This is an amazing way to express your creative side if you feel you lack the artistic skill set to do so yourself. (Also, a fantastic way to add in that hand lettering look if you don’t seem to posses that skill, I love watching other creatives hand lettering but I have yet to master this!).