When it comes to painting in your bible, there are a couple options. My goal has been to still be able to read the words through my paint, but to add significant splashes of color. Painting has quickly become my favorite time saving supply for those days when I just don’t have tons of time.

Acrylic paint is beautiful in the pages of your bible. My favorite is the heavy body acrylic paints from Liquitex. These are expensive but they are richly saturated and so easy to work with. Another favorite is the Brea Reese paints that Hobby Lobby just started carrying and they are more budget friendly. To use Acrylic paint in your bible all you need is a credit card! No, seriously. I put a tiny bit on the edge of the card and then scrape it onto my page. You want just the thinest layer so it still is transparent and you can read your passage. It dries very quickly because there is so little paint used. Pro’s of this is that it is quick drying, it sits on top of the page and acts as a barrier, you still can write and stamp on top of it without bleed through.

Watercolor is another option for bringing paint into your bible. I love my water brushes and taking my watercolors (and my favorite home set) with me when I am traveling. The less water you use, the more bright and vivid your image will be, and because our bible pages are so thin, less water is always a good thing so it doesn’t over saturate your page. If you would like to avoid bleed through, I would recommend doing page prep. Most of the entries in my Inspire Bible are simply painted in with watercolor and not prepped because I find it very soothing to just quietly meditate on scripture and simplicity.

In the same line as watercolors there are several water soluble items that are great for bible journaling as well. Neocolor II crayons, Watercolor pencils  and Inktense pencils/blocks.  You can use these as a palette and just touch your wet brush to them or to put dry on your page and then activate with water to blend together. The Inktense are slightly different because they are permanent. They only activate with water 1 time, so that means it won’t wash away and you can layer more and more colors. I tend to use my Inktense a lot more then the watercolor pencils because the colors are more saturated and I don’t worry so much about losing all the color if it ever comes in contact with water (say from another entry nearby). All of these come in various sizes, brands, prices etc. Find what fits in your budget or what you already have laying around. I have included the brands that I enjoy and use on a regular bases.