Paper Crafts

Paper!!! This might be my favorite section of products. Most if not all of my entries will include and item from this genre. Stickers, die-cut paper pieces, scrapbook paper and even photo’s find their way into my bible pages as I document the conversations between me and the Lord.

Sometimes I have a million and one notes to journal and I have to add in more space, insert a journaling card or a “tip-in“. This can either have an illustration on it or not, but it gives us more writing space and can be either washi taped into your bible or clipped in with a paper clip. This way you can write on either side of your paper and on your bible page for lots and lots of extra space. You can easily make your own by cutting some pretty paper to fit but there are also some that are designed just for this purpose.

Stickers come in all shapes and sizes. Alphabet stickers are probably my favorite, they provide a great dramatic element to my entries and I love WORDS! I also print my own stickers at home using my printer and sticker paper. If you go with the clear paper it seems to just blend right into my bible page and I can often even read the text through them! I get most of my printable images from the Illustrated Faith website, they have the Print & Pray Shop and I am always inspired. I love that I can print as many copies as I need for my own personal use and they offer classroom licenses as well. Since we also journal as a family, this is a very affordable way to offer fun and cute items that we all use.

Die-Cuts are paper pieces that are generally made of a cardstock and you can adhere them into your bible pages with some adhesive tape. You can either purchase them pre-done for you or you can print and cut your own like the stickers by printing them on cardstock instead of sticker paper. Many crafters have die-cutting machines or fancy computer synched cutting machines that make these for you. I use a trusty pair of scissors and just cut them out by hand, but feel free to re-purpose all those supplies you have on hand if you are a scrapbooker with some fun paper crafting supplies!

I like to add prayers into my bible pages for my kids, so I often will add pictures of them or pictures that inspire me right into the pages of my bible. I don’t do anything fancy, just print pics from my phone to a local drug store and cut them to a size that works for the image and my entry, and just use adhesive and add them in. It is a great way to personalize my bible and when I see their beautiful faces I remember the prayer I wrote for them.

You can layer stickers with die-cuts and add them to the corner of a picture, over a layer of paint add some sticker alpha’s and suddenly your page is done. This helps me so much to get into the word and journaling daily because I am a busy homeschooling mom and need things to be quick because I don’t have much time. I do have to keep in mind, the more layers you add to your page, the THICKER your page gets and less flexible it becomes. When I do full page inserts (a gigantic tip-in) it makes nearby pages harder to view since the bible naturally wants to stay open to the thicker paper. Also, keep in mind that bible pages are delicate and if you add to much weight to a page, they can rip when you go back through them. I have found that if I had a heavier piece, I will reinforce the page with some washi tape on the front and back to help support, say a metal embellished clip at the top of the page.