Pens and Pencils

This is the only foundational piece you need in order to journal, other then having your bible in front of you! Lots and lots of my journaling is just me writing in the margins and underlining scripture. Nothing artsy about it, other then the occasional heart shape and exclamation point. You don’t even need a fancy pen, I like either the Illustrated Faith or Pitt and lots of people are fan’s of Micron. I tend to grab a felt tip pen, rather then a ball point and call it good. Felt tips I can write over dry paint or stickers and it keep on going.

Sometimes, I will sketch out an image or try to hand letter something with a pencil before I go in with paint or colored pencils to give myself a baseline, I don’t use anything fancy, just my kids school pencils. My husband and daughter both use fancy pencils with letters on them to create some amazing drawings!

Pitt Pens (regular & big brush) tend to be a popular product for bible journaling for good reason. They don’t tend to bleed through bible pages (but can if you aren’t careful, you can always page prep if you are worried about it) and come in a ton of colors. You can even use them instead of ink on your stamps. They have brush tips which is a favorite among hand-lettering artists. You can buy them individually at most craft and hobby stores to try them out before you look into a larger set.