Sources of Inspiration

This can either be the easiest or the hardest thing for Bible Journalers. For me, I have lots of scriptures in mind that are meaningful to me and that I would like to spend some time meditating on. Often, the same scripture or topic will come up in my personal reading, then in Bible study and then in my pastors message; when that happens I know that is what God is pressing on my heart to chew on for a bit.

Sometimes I just want something quick to do. Illustrated Faith carries a line of die cuts under different topics. These are simple little cardstock cut outs with scriptures on the back. I love that I can take something I think is cute and meaningful and quickly put together a page.

In my personal study, I read lots of books and love to add my take aways from these books into my journaling. A while back I was working through a book on the names of God. I did a page on each name and what it means to me so that I can quickly look through and remember the meaningful passages from that study.

One of my absolute favorite things to journal is my sermon notes. I am blessed to attend a church where the Word is preached each and every single week and I love being able to remember and reflect all the wisdom and insight just by journaling my notes. Sometimes its a single page, sometimes its a double spread and still other times I just do bookmarks or tip ins with my notes.

I read a book on Elijah and it was super fantastic. I was on vacation and didn’t bring a notebook with me, so I started writing in the margins of my Bible. I love that those notes always appear now when I am reading about Elijah.  Nothing super artsy about it, just things that had an impact on my understanding of the passage.

Sometimes its simply quotes that inspire me. One of the quotes that I have based so much of my business life on is: “Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang the very best.” -Henry Van Dyke.  I am a firm believer that God can use the most unqualified people to do His work, I am living proof! I have never felt that I was an artist or even artistic but God has stirred this desire in my heart and then put many friends in my path that long to be on this journey of inspirational creating that it must be the divine hand of God. Am I the best, no way. Do I have something totally unique and profound? Nope. My fine art skills are not even on par with my kids, but I am willing and eager student and feel that my years of studying and reading the Word have brought me to a place to stop and meditate on specific passages. By meditating before I journal, while I journal and when I go back and re-read my passages… that is what my being still before the Lord looks like.

I am sure there are countless other things that will come and inspire you as you begin this journey. You might be inspired by an art supply you just got and want to incorporate into your Bible, or it might be a study you are working through or just simply journaling your daily devotions. Everything is good and if it gets you digger deeper into the scriptures, into the life giving truth, I applaud you! You are on the right path, keep trucking!