Tabs are any sort of marker that sticks over the edge of your entry that marks it. I have used everything from paper clips, folded pieces of washi tape, strands of yarn and paper pieces. This is a great opportunity to let your creativity run wild!

In my first journaling bible, I decided to tab my entries. I figured they would be easier to find and it was such a cool feeling as the tabs started accumulating and it became an outward display of the inner changes in my spiritual walk. I also take my bible with me, because you never know who is going to be inspired by seeing paint in your bible, and it gives me a great opportunity to educate those that feel otherwise.

I love seeing other peoples stuffed bibles on social media and have fully converted to a tabber! I mean just think about the countless hours we have collectively spent in the Word! Now that is what is going to change our world! All that said, not all my journaling bibles are tabbed. The Inspire Bible I have, has a pretty design around the pages and I just wasn’t sure how that would look once it started getting all tabbed up. And with my NASB Note -Takers I decided to use Washi Tape “binding” for the first page of each book. While I love this look, I also noticed it added a ton of bulk to the edges right away and I just felt by adding tabs it would break up the look.

Something to keep in mind while tabbing: If you want to keep a uniform look, make sure to incorporate your tab into your design early. I thought this was my plan, but then I couldn’t put the tab where it needed to be because of my lettering or a sticker or just something getting covered up. I then decided to just embrace the chaos and let it be. I also had intended to just put them on the sides, but that didn’t last long and I ended up with them on the top too as I started to add decorated clips and tabs that only worked on the top. I haven’t yet begun using the bottom because I still set it up on its end on my desk, but I have some visions of pretty ribbons and maybe some knit items hanging down in the future.

How to Tab:

Option 1: You can buy tabs or tab stickers from Illustrated Faith or a craft store and use these.

Option 2: You can just buy Bible Name tabs and tab your bible for easier reference by book, and not by entry.

Option 3: Make your own tabs, you can purchase a tab punch and make your own tabs with scrapbook paper.

Option 4: Skip the tabs and add pretty clips, ribbons, tassels, or the like to mark your entries.

Option 5: Your own creativity is the limit here, do what you do!

I attach most of my non-sticker tabs with washi tape or you can use an adhesive roller.