To Prep or Not to Prep

Once you have established your What and Where (LINK), its time to consider your pages. Now there are tons of Bible Journalers our there that just go for it! They don’t use anything but their art supplies and start right in. I found myself very intimidated by that. I did give myself permission to make a mess in this particular Bible but I still felt I wanted to be respectful, and what would happen if I wanted to journal on pages back to back? I didn’t want the message to get lost.

This brought me to page prep. It is a happy middle ground for my perfectionist and artistic sides to meet. If I am using something wet (like watercolor, markers, inks) then I will prep my page. If I am just going to use stickers and colored pencils, I won’t. Also, one of my favorite supplies is Heavy Body Acrylic Paint (LINK) and even though it is a “wet” product, it sits on top of the page and doesn’t saturate so I don’t prep for this medium either.

I used (LINK) clear gesso for prepping my bible pages. I use a paper towel, baby wipe, foam brush or even my fingers to apply two light coats to my bible page. I make sure to dry them throughly before using any supplies. I speed this process up with my heat tool (LINK) because I often only get about 20 minutes to create something.

Not only do I prep the page with the clear gesso, I also use mats. Illustrated Faith (LINK) carries some or you can use a Ranger craft mat (LINK) that can be cut to size to fit your particular bible. I like that it means I can go all the way to the edge of my pages and not run onto another page or create drips down the edges. It also helps when I am writing so that I don’t make impressions on the pages below. I even have a soft rubber like one (LINK) that I use when stamping to give a nice surface for the best stamp impressions no matter what part of my bible I am journaling in.

So if you decide to prep, or not to prep, its totally up to you! You can still follow along with any of my tutorials and copy the inspiration from my posts without prepping your pages at all. I have seen some amazing pages created from the bleed through from another page, so don’t let it ruin your entire experience, live and learn and create beautiful things.

If this is something that you would like even more information on and all the in’s and out’s, one of my favorite Bible Journalers is creating a class on just this topic. When she releases it I will make sure to update this post with that information.