Washi Tape

Washi Tape is a Japanese rice paper masking tape. It is not as sticky as traditional masking tape and comes in so many fun prints, patterns, colors and designs. It is extremely versatile and you will come to use it for many other things other then just bible journaling.
I use Washi in Bible Journaling in several ways. You can add it to your page as a design element all on its own. Illustrated Faith have several with words and sayings that are very appropriate for putting on the pages of your Bible. I also use it to stick things into my bible, like cards or printable that I would like to have flap open to journal more on the other side. I also use it as an adhesive to tape in my tabs. In one of my bibles I have used it to mark the first page of every book by running a strip of Washi down the page and folding it over.
One of my most functional uses of Washi however, never is seen! I take some and stick it to my fingers a bit to remove some of the sticky and then use it to hold down my stencils or traceables so they don’t shift around while I am working on them. Just be careful with this technique to avoid using your heat tool since it will make the tape super sticky and it wont come off when you are ready to remove it.
You can find Washi just about anywhere. I have added to my growing collection at Micheals, Target, Hobby Lobby and Dayspring.

Design Element ESV Micah 7: 7-8
Flap ESV Ephesians 2:1-2