Where to Journal?

First things first. Where are you personally going to journal? Are you going to work in a art journal, an old hymnal, a scrapbook or are you going to take the plunge and do your art right in the pages of your bible?

Once you establish your journal (or journals!) of choice then its time to give yourself permission to “make a mess”. I have found so often in my personal walk with Christ that it’s those times in my life when things are messy, difficult, frustrating… those are the times, moments and opportunities for the most growth. Personally, I decided to purchase Bibles specifically for doing art in. They are not perfect, the pages are wrinkled, art has bleed through pages, there are mis-spellings and imperfections that I have added in and its ok. There are no mistakes in art (just happy accidents, as my kids art teacher loves to say) and there is no right or wrong way to work out your faith with God.

Bible Journaling is just one more opportunity for us to meet with God. For many, they are visual learners. Creative types see things very differently then in black and white words on a page. When they read about the glory of God filling the temple… They actually see the glory of God filling the temple and how great to be able to add that illustration to their bible pages as they meditate on God’s word. Any way to get people of God into their bible is a great thing! Others are wordsmith’s and have already been writing in their margins for years (this is where I place my hat) and this art movement can just bring you to a place where adding some color to your message can help cement the concepts and get you to slow down and meditate on the Word.

I have never felt that writing or highlighting in my bible was a bad thing and I love going back and reading notes and prayers I have in the margins… I am a firm believer that those whose Bibles are falling apart reflect lives that aren’t! Take your art bible with you, take it to church and write your sermon notes in there. Underline passages in bible study and then come home and get inspired to create something to help you remember and apply that passage to your life. It will change your life, guaranteed.

One more thing, also consider where you want to journal in your home. Is there a place that you can set aside as your creative corner? Maybe for you, it’s simply a basket with a couple of your favorite supplies that you take with you to the dinning table or the picnic bench outside. Other’s might already have a crafting area that they can make a little room for this new medium. My husband was so generous and created me a special place in my room so I can shut the door (yup, this mama needs some alone time!) and its away from my desk where I run our household, my businesses as well as teach my kids from- there was no way I could sit down and not be distracted out there! This also allows me to leave a project open and unfinished if I have to run and do something else (which does happen about 89% of the time!).

So lets focus on the first 2 questions… What are you going to journal in and where are you going to do so? If you are shopping for a Bible, make sure to check my (LINK) resource page for some of my favorites.